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Turn the Learning Switch On!

30th April
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Turn the Learning Switch On!

According to Anat Baniel, there are 9 ways to turn the learning switch on, but before anything, students have to be interested in learning.

  1.  Bring attention to what they feel as they move
  2.  Slowing down will make them feel and experience life in a deeper more profound level
  3.  Introduce playfulness, variety to awakened all of the their senses.
  4.  Reduce force in the they move and think.
  5.  Enthusiasm makes the impossible, possible.
  6.  Flexible goal will reduce anxiety and increase creativity.
  7.  The Learning Switch, Turn off the following switch:
  • repetition
  • drills
  • everyday stress
  • habit pattern of thoughts
  • exercise
  • emotion, and turn the following switch ON
  •  New adventure
  •  Fill with movement
  • Creativity
  • New Possibilities

8.  Imagination and Dreams: gives them the ability to create something that was never there before, transcend current limitations. and leading them to develop their authentic life path.

9. Awareness: becoming more enlighten and fulfill more and more their human destiny!



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