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7 Ways Students are guided to achieve learning success Online

2nd May
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7 Ways Students are guided to achieve learning success Online

1. Help improve work habits and motivate them to take notes and use flash cards. Organize themselves and planned ahead every evening before the next day to be ready for another day of learning.
2. Spur greater self-confidence and that will lead students to academic achievements.
3. Create a higher level of thinking, called critical thinking, which will lead the students to think for themselves.
4. Allow students to catch up to their peers. Based on an evaluation done in Chicago, students who were tutored for about 6-8 weeks in a particular subject, performed well consistently after that.
5. Help students master skills at their own pace. Since school all is timed, some students need more time and that time is not given to them, therefore, causing them to fall behind. If students are given their own pace to complete their work, they will feel accomplished and confident in getting things done.
6. Provides flexibility of learning. If students have medical issues, and can’t make it to school, the online method will keep them from falling behind.
7. Continue feedbacks. Tutors will constantly give students praises, encouragement, and motivation to succeed.


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